• 7 steps to health and 7 thinking errors we often make…

    We all make mistakes. Once bitten twice shy? Unfortunately, that does not hold when it comes to thinking. We do not recognize thinking errors as such. By thinking about how you think you can avoid these mistakes. Read on to learn more about 7 steps to health and 7 thinking errors we often make…

    Your brain loves shortcuts. Finding answers takes time, time you can use for many other purposes. The downside of shortcuts is that they can – and often will – give you the wrong answer. Below you find seven common mistakes.

    Tying the wrong concepts together

    • Confusing causation and correlation: When two things happen at the same moment, or when one thing happens just before the other, the conclusion that the one caused the other is easily made. Yet both events can be caused by something else as was evident in Brasil when the first efforts were implemented to roll out the Internet in that country (beware: the article is in Portuguese). Rain and lightning go together, but there is no causal relation.
    • Over-generalization: what is true for one is not per se true for all. If you and three of your friends enjoyed a day at the beach, it does not mean everybody likes that. And the fact that some people committed fraud is no reason to believe everyone does (it is a reason to be cautious though).
    • Nothing happened – yet: evidence is needed to be sure something happened, but lack of evidence can also mean there is no evidence yet. If nothing happened in the past this is no guarantee nothing will ever happen. Stating that you have never been in a car accident is no reason not to wear seatbelts.
  • Young and Happy – How to stay that way

    Nowadays, every woman is very conscious about her looks so that she can become the cynosure of all eyes and she becomes the center of attraction. You are young and happy and want to learn about how to stay that way.

    But wrinkles cause a problem as they increase your age and you tend to look old and frail and this increases the importance of reducing wrinkles and one of the many ways to tackle this problem is to use effective anti-wrinkle creams which make you look younger and brighter.

    Finding a suitable wrinkle cream is not an easy task and the importance of finding a proper wrinkle cream lies in the fact that every product which is of that type makes tall claims of using exclusive ingredients and significantly advanced formulas.

    However, the truth surrounding such creams falling under this category is that most of the active ingredients are absent and these active ingredients are absolutely essential for decreasing the signals of aging and there can also be the absence of those types of active ingredients that are necessary for the wrinkle creams to work effectively.

  • Falling out hair – what to do for bald women

    Men in popular media have a lot of role models that are balding or bald. Women, on the other hand, do not have this to look at. Yes, the truth is there have been several stars down through the years on TV and in the limelight that have been women and have been bald. So when thinking about falling out hair, what to do for bald women?

    Unfortunately, they all were looked on as strange, odd, or abnormal. There are not any stars out there that promote being bald and being a beautiful woman. It is either all or nothing. This is the same way that most women think about their own looks. Hair as always been tied into self-worth and beauty.

    Fortunately, what most women forget is that it does not have to be like this. Female pattern baldness is something that can be helped. The first thing to do is to examine the causes and find out which of them apply to you. Causes of female pattern baldness are not that much different from that of male pattern baldness.