• Vitality and Glamour Combined – Healthy Lifestyles

    What type of Lifestyle do you have? Would you like to find out how you could improve yours? Would you like to live a life of vitality and glamour combined? Healthy lifestyles can dramatically improve our health, our appearance, our confidence and the way we look to others can be enhanced by healthy lifestyles. The second part is about how toxic noise is threatening our health.

    You will find new energy to complete everyday tasks and challenges, plus all the other activities you want to participate in and enjoy life. In my years in college, I learned already that it comes from your healthy lifestyles.

    Adapting to our surroundings e.g. your job, the environment you work in, where you live – a city, town or village, the type of building you live in – tower block, house, bungalow or flat. Everything around us has an effect on our healthy lifestyles.

    So How Can You Achieve, Improve or Develop a Healthy Lifestyle?

    Healthy Lifestyles are achieved by a combination of different actions and activities on an everyday basis. These actions can be very subtle or quite drastic dependent on your current lifestyle now.

    A certain amount of consistency and continuity will develop into new habits very quickly and you will definitely start to feel a difference very soon if you persevere.

  • Total Nutrition and Dieting – Could it be a thing of the past?

    We are now entering a period in time where more and more women have become ‘size acceptant’ and no longer acquiesce in the thin-is-in notion. The total nutrition and dieting world seems to have come to its senses. Could it be a thing of the past?

    Contrary to what the fashion industry has indicated for the past few decades, we are now recognizing that not all women are 5 ft. 8 inches tall and weigh 125 lbs (58 kilos), nor are we supposed to be!

    The key to attaining your ‘ideal’ weight is through a balanced (there’s that word again) weight management plan. Numerous studies indicate that when women diet continuously (yo-yo dieting), the result, both physically and emotionally, is adverse.

    Metabolism, for example, is altered as a result of the body trying to conserve fat on a low calorie or low-fat diet. And feelings of low self-esteem as a result from ‘failing’ at diet after diet are also common amongst perpetual dieters.

    The truth is, most diets:
    – become boring as a result of having to follow strict eating regimes
    – do not fit into the average person’s lifestyle
    – cause the dieter to become hungry
    – do not teach people how to manage their weight once the diet ceases

  • Heart Attacks in Women

    Heart attacks used to be a man’s disease. This adage is no longer true. With the additional stress women are experiencing with juggling a career, parenting, running a home, feeding, clothing and educating their families, women are becoming increasingly susceptible to this man’s disease. However, it is very important to note that the systems differ in gender for men and women with heart problems.

    Take also a close look and listen to this video in which Malissa Wood, MD (Director of Mass General Heart Center’s Women Heart Health Program) talks about how symptoms of heart attacks may differ between men and women and what the risks are. She explains about unique women heart attack symptoms and how and why heart disease treatment should be gender-specific.

    Women who are pre-menopausal have very few heart attacks. The exceptions are smokers, diabetics, and women who are on the pill long-term. The largest risk factor by far is smokers. The following symptoms are the most prevalent indicators of possible heart problems amongst women.