• How to be a Better Partner through Yoga

    The main philosophy of Yoga is simple: mind, body, and spirit are all one entity that cannot be clearly separated. Each of these components represents the three major building blocks of a relationship: mental attraction, physical attraction, and a personal connection. So this post will tell you a bit on how to be a better partner through Yoga.

    Practicing Yoga helps connect us to our truest selves, and many of the lessons learned on the mat can be applied to our relationships in the real world. See also this video that explains in what way women can best use Yoga to improve relationships:

    Create a Strong Foundation

    In Yoga, strong poses are built from a firm and level foundation. As Yoga Journal quotes the old adage, “As the foundation is laid, so the walls of the house will rise.” Although this can take years of practice, it’s always well worth the effort.