• Women Against Abuse – Domestic Abuse and Violence

    Have you ever met up with a friend you haven’t seen for a long time because you thought she was avoiding you, and she had bruises on her face? Have you wanted to ask her why she had them, but you weren’t sure how to approach it? Well, read on and learn more about Women Against Abuse – Domestic Abuse and Violence.

    Did you think deep inside she was being abused by her spouse but was not sure how to ask her if she was or not? Check out this Dr. Phil video for more explanation:

    Most women who are going through this do not tell anyone what they are going through, some have spent many hours, days, or even weeks in the hospital from being abused by their spouses.

    Women who are going through this are not able to say anything for fear of what could happen to them if they do say anything, and it happens more than you think. Ask them if there is something they would like to talk about, try to get them to talk to you and tell you what is going on. You could possibly save their lives.