• When do we speak of Domestic Abuse and Violence?

    When do we speak of domestic abuse and violence? The NCADV (National Coalition Against Domestic violence) describes it as the “physical assault, willful intimidation, sexual assault, battery, and/or any other abusive behavior that’s perpetrated by an intimate partner toward or against another.”

    Often, domestic abuse is characterized by physical abuse accompanied by mental and/or emotional abuse, controlling behavior, and dominance. The following video explains a lot as Emma Murphy tells about how she broke her silence about domestic violence at a recent TEDxUniversityofNicosia event.

    Domestic abuse and violence have been on the rise since the beginning of time. Increasingly, in the 20th and 21st centuries, advocates have spoken out on behalf of domestic abuse victims.  Laws have also been enacted to protect victims, but domestic abuse and violence are still under-represented in legislation and enforcement of the domestic abuse laws.

  • KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid – How to avoid overcomplicating

    For some reason, humans have some gene that wants to make simple issues complex. Over complicating. Making something bigger than it is. Creating a mountain out of a molehill. So here it is “KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid – and how to avoid overcomplicating things”.

    Take my niece, for example, she dropped out of high school and now 2 years later she decided she wants to go the college. There are many successful people who had a similar path, right? I decided to help her in this process, so we started to look for the best resources.

    There are several free websites that offer GED instruction, and I really like the video lessons from website Best GED Classes because they’re so visual and come with many explanations.

    This worked pretty well we were making a progress until my niece started to have doubts about everything, her ability to learn, her future plans, books, and websites.  She wanted to argue about everything!