How to be a Better Partner through Yoga

The main philosophy of Yoga is simple: mind, body, and spirit are all one entity that cannot be clearly separated. Each of these components represents the three major building blocks of a relationship: mental attraction, physical attraction, and a personal connection. So this post will tell you a bit on how to be a better partner through Yoga.

Practicing Yoga helps connect us to our truest selves, and many of the lessons learned on the mat can be applied to our relationships in the real world. See also this video that explains in what way women can best use Yoga to improve relationships:

Create a Strong Foundation

In Yoga, strong poses are built from a firm and level foundation. As Yoga Journal quotes the old adage, “As the foundation is laid, so the walls of the house will rise.” Although this can take years of practice, it’s always well worth the effort.

Our relationships can be approached in a very similar manner. First, you should develop a strong connection—one that is based on trust, honesty, and care. When you’ve created this bond with another person, it gives you the freedom to fully embrace and engage in the relationship. This will allow you to stay young, happy, and beautiful.

This freedom allows you to confide in your partner, avoid unnecessary judgment and criticism, create harmony through education, and always be yourself. Even after you’ve experienced times of hardship or domestic abuse, you may want to heal the wounds and if your spouse is open to this as well, your life may change for the better forever.

Find Balance

When you’re on the mat, instructors often remind you to go at your own pace and to listen to your body. If you focus on building a strong pose, instead of how flexible your neighbor might be, you’ll develop a safer practice. Asanas, or body postures, help you create a balance between the material world and spiritual experience because it forces you to open your physical body to the harmony in the unseen elements of your body and prevent you from making the thinking errors that are often all too common.

This idea of balance and connection works in your relationships as well. If one partner starts planning for the distant future without building a base or connecting the physical and spiritual connection with his or her partner, things can unravel quickly. You must find a balance between two individuals needs, both physically and spiritually, to balance a healthy relationship through meditation and when successful, this may make your dieting efforts a thing of the past.

Enjoy the Health Benefits

Yoga is often touted for its wide range of health benefits that evolve and change as you practice in a world full of toxic noise. For example, immediately after leaving class you have lower stress levels and increased flexibility. After a few months, it can lower your blood pressure and improve your sense of balance. Finally, after years of practice, some studies show that participants come out stronger, have stronger bones, a lower risk of heart disease and healthy weight maintenance, according to the Huffington Post.

The same benefits can come from strong, healthy relationships. People with satisfying relationships are known to be happier, have fewer health problems like heart attacks, and live longer, claims Harvard Health Publications. In relationships, regular contact and communication ensure deeper connections, and caring behaviors can ease stress. Even the little things such as buying seasonal gifts, cleaning the bathroom or leaving a sweet love note for your better-half to find can create these benefits.

In short, Yoga and relationships are about creating a balance so as to live in peace, good health, and harmony. On the other hand, if you’re confronted with domestic violence in your private life, finding professional help to stop this should be your first response. If you manage to get out of a terrible situation like that, considering Yoga may be an option later. Tell us also what Yoga practices you have applied to your relationships and how it helped you to restore maybe some lost connections.