What we do

Improving community and system responses to children and their families are key objectives of the FVPF (“Family Violence Prevention Fund”) children’s program.

A good example of the things we do and the necessity of our initiatives is illustrated in this 2009 Carol Wilson Spigner video. Carol is a Clinical Educator and an Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy & Practice. Listen to┬áher testifying about the topics “How To Prevent Child Abuse” and “How To Improve Our Response To Families in Crises”:

As a nation, we face the challenge of developing enhanced community action strategies and service interventions to provide security and safety for all members of a family and prevent the problems of child abuse and violence against so many women from re-occurring.

Additionally, we address many health-related issues on this website specifically for women. Having a healthy mind in a healthy body will encourage women to stand up against injustice and domestic violence in a more balanced way. So you won’t be surprised that you will find numerous health pages as well.

Through a myriad of projects including qualitative research with survivors and activists, community organizing efforts, and groundbreaking work to engage fathers, the FVPF listens to families in order to create viable strategies for changing the social and institutional norms that perpetuate family violence.

For too long our services have polarized families from each other and their communities- we are working with various domestic violence prevention programs, batterer recovery and intervention programs, child welfare organizations and a number of community organizers for influencing and forming and building effective collaborations and partnerships for the promotion of healthy and safe families.